About Corvallis Feed & Seed

Our History

The roots of Corvallis Feed and Seed were laid in 1940, when Mr. Packer, the father of our past manager Harold Packer, ran the business from the late 1800’s era Carniage Factory building in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. In our early years and up until the plant burned down in October 1981, we provided grass seed cleaning and marketing services. During this time, Harold Packer had assumed managerial responsibilities and was in charge of the company for over 40 years, before David & Carolyn Lockwood of California moved up to take over the reins.

David & Carolyn prior to their moving to Oregon were in the business with David’s father at Lockwood Seed, then they took on the opportunity to take Harold Packer’s place and since have helped the business prosper and move into new directions.  They have been busy with growing the business and their family and we are excited with the 20+ years of experience they have brought to Corvallis Feed & Seed.
At our current location in Western Oregon, we are now focused on expanding our cereal production facilities for cleaning, treating and export sales. Our harvest inbound can exceed 1,000,000 pounds per day; our processing, bagging and shipping can exceed 200,000 pounds per day. Our current storage capacity is 20,000,000 pounds.

As was true when we first opened our doors, feed is a major business and an important part of our economy, and we take pride in the work that we perform and in the product we deliver. We strive to maintain the culture and values that were engrained in the company when we first opened for business over 65 years ago.