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Corvallis Seed Export Fees

100 Tons or more – $0.75/ per bushel
Less than 100 tons – $0.85/ per bushel
Less than 50 tons – $1.00/ per bushel

That price includes handling, freight, insurance, and processing.


  • All settlements will have the .05 cents per bushel to Oregon Wheat Commission.
  • Storage charge if not sold when brought in is $1.00 per ton or .03cents per bushel a month until day sold.
  • All dockage or discount/fees according to EGT, LLC  rates to be applied ie, sprout, chaff, etc…
  • Usually pays within a week of shippment, will advance if requested. But please allow 30 days.

Any questions or comments please call Michael OR Carolyn  at 541-928-1923 or email info@corvallisfes.com